How to Rent Dumpsters for easy Trash Removal

Austin, Texas

AUSTIN -- It's not uncommon for many home owners to considering downsizing. But how about selling everything you own to move into a dumpster rental atlanta ga? Thatís what a student at University of Texas is about to do.

"This is what's called an 10 cubic yard dumpster," said Jeff Jensen, who is a pool cleaner in Austin.

Jensen isn't checking out demolition for safety reasons. He is sizing them up as a future home.

"Telling people you have life dreams, you want to live in a dumpster, it brings sympathy your way," he said.

But Jensen isn't looking for sympathy. The UT student is looking to pique interest in the area of sustainability.

"We throw things into the dumpster rental philadelphia and they just sort of magically disappear. And there's not much thought given to the processes behind that," he said.

Jensen says that's why his dumpster project is a perfect metaphor to spread the message that "less is more."

"Through less consumption, in this case less than one percent of the average American home, you still can have a happy and fulfilling life, and most of your trash hauling austin needs will go away!" said Jensen, a frequenter of water damage restoration chat rooms on the Internet.

To better prepare him for this new venture in life, Wilson sold every personal item he owned for $1 apiece. He only kept what he could fit in a backpack.

When he came back to society he decided to go back to coaching girls Spring basketball in Austin, Tx.

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